Thursday, 14 February 2013

HOPE - NEW Inspirational Royalty Free Music.

I am pleased to announce “HOPE” my newest Royalty Free inspirational music is now released to Audiojungle and is now available for immediate license. Thanks so much for checking out this uplifting track.
For anyone interested in the composition process of the track. Well, I had started out wanting to ensure the music didn’t get in the way of the epic feeling of the lush chosen electric guitar tone. I had basically combed through patches on my GT10 pedal board, and kept coming back to this lush patch. That was the inspiration for the track. With single notes floating along, I had selected a second guitar patch with a clean warm sound for the rhythm. The right drum sound was important and finding the right snare and kick, with pop sensibilities would help to give it a current sound. The arrangement was built up from there and the bass warm and able to move around a little to play color notes adding tension. Using a DI approach then adding the character of the amp after left room to get great tone. Strings and percussion highlight the track, but stay sparse enough only to add interest and depth.
Thanks for checking out my music :)

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